Playmates's Breasts are Getting Smaller

Playmate Bust Sizes throught the Decades
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Playmate Bust Size: 31-33 (inch)
Playmate Bust Size: 34-35 (inch)
Playmates Bust Size: 36-37 (inch)
Playmates Bust Size: 38-39 (inch)
Playmates Bust Size: 40-41 (inch)

In the 2010's 94% of the Playmates had a 31-35 inch bra size. The largest busts of this decade have been a 36-37. And still, only 6% of the Playmates sported them. In contrast, this was the most popular size in through the 50's and 60's. Sizes bigger than 40 have totally disappeared from Playboy's centerfolds since the 1980's, and 38 or plus since the 90's. 

In contrast, smaller busts of 31-33 inches have been 2-3% from the 50's to the 90's. They jumped to 13% in the 2000's. And they've been 36% of all the breasts pictured on Playboys's centerfolds in the 2010's.

A cup "C" or "D" have always been the most popular. About 77% of the playmates sported them.

Number of Issues grouped by Model's Cup Size

How do the numbers compare for the average American woman? It's hard to find credible statistics. According to a study by Intimacy, a bra retailer, it is now a 34E. Only 0.1% of the playmates would probably buy this bra size

Number of Issues grouped by Model's Bra Size

Playmate Average Bra Cup Size Through the Years