Playmates are Getting Older

The average playmate of the 2010's is one and a half years older than the one of the 1950's.

Playmate Average Age per Decade

Back in the 50's, the average playmate was 22.3 years old. It dropped to 21 in the 60's, then has been rising ever since. Gradually yet steadily. To the point that in the 2010's, the average age has almost reached 25.

Last year recorded an average age of 25.2. After 2004, that's the highest ever after 2004. (Excluding 1953, where there was only one playmate: Marylin Monroe).

Playmate Average Age per Year

Playmate's age oscilated quite a bit, with the youngest one being 16 and the oldest 35

Model's Age in Playboy Issue

Still, about a third of the centerfolds have depicted girls between 21 and 22.

Number of Centerfolds grouped by Age of Model

There have been 3 under-age models, all in the first two decades of the magazine. 

Playmates Younger than 17

The first 30+ model was Bettie Page, 32 years old at the time she was featured as January 1995's centerfold. After that, there have been other 15.

Playboy's Over 30 Centerfold Models